Global Travel Network

Global Travel Network – Is It Legit?

After careful and thorough analysis:  Yes, Global Travel Network is 100% Legit.

We completed a thorough audit of Global Travel Network in fall of 2022 that took us over a year to conduct, and found them to be a 100% credible, legitimate company that delivers on what it promises.

Global Travel Network is a wholesale travel club – meaning you pay a one-time initiation fee to join and get anywhere from 30-69% off in travel prices.  They call themselves a “private invitation-only travel club” but in fact, they have over 250,000 members, making them one of the largest wholesale travel clubs in the country.

After considerable research we found that the situation behind Global Travel Network is quite confusing, so this page, and our audit, are our attempt to add some clarification.

Likewise, though their sales tactics are a little perhaps-aggressive (they give a presentation a lot like a timeshare presentation) they follow through on their promises. So we give them a A+ 100% rating.

If you have any specific questions or wish to let us know about a negative experience you’ve had, please contact us.  We want to hear your feedback.

Here’s what we know

  • A+ Rating at Better Business Bureau – Link To Reviews
  • Over 250,000 members and only 18 complaints with BBB in over 3 years.  That is staggeringly good.
  • In business for 21 years and is a safe, multi-million-dollar company.
  • While their sales method is a little aggressive and “timeshare-ish” — it’s not a timeshare, it’s totally safe, and they deliver on what they promise.

Their sales method of adding members is unique.

  • The good news is that most of their membership is actually word of mouth and comes from other satisfied members.
  • However, to get new members in, they run promos online to win vacations.  The odds of winning these contests are quite high, usually around 1 in 1200 people win a vacation.
  • If you meet certain criteria they will just give you the vacation for attending one of their meetings which are a bit like a timeshare presentation, except that it’s online via Zoom only, and is confirmed to never last more than 90 minutes, ever.  So we feel safe that consumers and contest-entrants aren’t sucked into “a never-ending timeshare presentation” which we saw in some of the negative online reviews while conducting our audit.

Do respondents, contest winners, and presentation attendees actually get their free vacations?

This part of the contest took us the longest to verify — it took us over 3 months.

  • The good news: 100% of respondents we contacted received their free vacations even if they didn’t purchase anything. 
  • We were given a list of 2164 people who had attended their presentations. Literally every single person who’d attended over 6 months.  We selected people randomly to contact.
  • Because the list was so comprehensive and we had notes on when they opted in, we feel we were given everyone who’d attended over this 6 month period.  The company didn’t omit anyone from their sample. So we really don’t feel that we were deceived or that there was any room for deception.
  • We eventually spoke to about 150 people, and every single attendeee spoke to received their free vacation, or a voucher that allowed them to travel for up to 18 months after their attendee date that they hadn’t used yet.
  • So we feel exceptionally confident in verifying that attendees receive their vacations.

How does their business model work?

Basically, travel at the real wholesale level is actually quite inexpensive.

Like dramatically cheaper.. 50%? 65%? 83% cheaper? Yes — all the time.

The retail prices of travel are marked up due to a variety of factors:

  • Retail prices are dramatically marked up because of commissions to resellers (Expedia, Orbitz, Travel Agents and more).
  • If companies can gain access to base travel prices and somehow pass that on to customers then some customers can see this base pricing.
  • The travel industry uses aggressive computerized pricing algorithms based on supply and demand to set prices.  These companies are trying to get the maximum price for any given property.  This is also why construction of massively-expensive hotels and resort destinations is so strong right now.  Particularly now in the post-covid world, there is massive money to be made in hotels and resorts at exorbitant markups.
  • Global Travel Network skips the markups to resellers and expensive websites and is nearly 100% word-of-mouth, OR, they do these giveaway offers.
  • The deal normally would seem to good to be true but they’ve been around for 20 years and they showed us the math behind their operations and it’s safe and makes sense.
  • The membership deal is so good that 38% of people who attend presentations choose to join.
  • However, the majority of attendees attend presentations and receive a free vacation even if they purchase absolutely nothing. So, we feel very safe in recommending any interaction with Global Travel Network, even if you purchase nothing.
  • 100% verified: members are not charged anything in years when they don’t use their wholesale travel club membership. They pay an one-time joining fee, and are only charged their annual fee on years they choose to use the wholesale membership.
  • As a member – the deals are pretty incredible, as high as 50 to 79% off on travel. Sometimes higher. The earlier you book usually the better the deal is.

I Google-searched Global Travel Network and some of the reviews are negative.  Why do you guys give them the thumbs up?

In full transparency, Global Travel Network contacted us and requested that we do a review of their company.  As an upstart blog, we jumped at the opportunity as that’s why we started this site.  However, we came back to them requesting for a full audit of their company with nothing off limits, and that they would pay us even if we found negative information or bad experienced.  They felt so good about their performance that they wrote us a check and here we are.

We 100% participated in all parts of their business and we even gained access to their inventory. 

We honestly didn’t expect that we would vouch for them as much as we are.

The biggest reason we found negative comments online is that they’re often confused with a slew of companies with similar names.  For whatever reason, many of these companies have horrible reviews and/or are out of business.  This is tough because Global Travel Network has been around longer than these competitors, at 21 years. Perhaps these are sketchy companies trying to pirate off Global Travel Networks’ name?

These similar companies are / were:

    • Global Vacation Network
    • Global Travel International
    • Travel Global Network
    • Global Travel Vacations
    • Global Travel Service

Even Google gets this wrong.  The term “Global Travel Network” is so generic that when searching, it will show results for these companies above.



While their sales method is a bit “sketchy” the company is not.  They do what they say, almost all of their online negative reviews are unwarranted and/or they were confused with a different company, or negative reviews were by people who never followed through on the presentation and/or took their vacations.  

Care to offer additional comments, questions, or thoughts?  Or tell us about your experience with Global Travel Network?  Please contact as we love hearing feedback about our reviews.