International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Best Internationally Accepted Travel Membership for Students

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)


  • Great for international student travelers
  • ISIC card is the only internationally accepted student ID
  • It provides access to discounts in 133 countries


  • You have to be a full-time student to qualify for the ISIC card
  • Airline-specific student tickets are not available on airlines’ own websites, nor on any of the sites that gather rates from many vendors.

The non-profit organization that created the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is called the ISIC Association. The ISIC card is the only internationally recognized proof of genuine student status. The International ISIC Association strives to play a helpful role in developing global understanding, increasing educational opportunities, and supporting student life across the world.

The ISIC travel membership offers discounts on airfare, hotels, and tours for students. This membership has been affiliated with UNESCO since 1968 and gives access to over 150,000 products or services.


The ISIC membership card is valid in over 130 countries, and its main aim is to help students with amazing benefits all around the world.

You can easily get your ISIC card by applying online or by visiting the nearby local ISIC office. Even though the charges of the ISIC card vary in different countries, it is still quite affordable. The fee for the card varies from $4 to $25. Anyone above 12 can apply for a card and experience all the amazing benefits around the world.