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Rev Up Your Travel: A Guide to Motorcycle Travel Clubs

Rev Up Your Travel: A Guide to Motorcycle Travel Clubs

by Kiando

Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts! If the thrill of the open road calls to you and exploring new places on your bike is your idea of the perfect adventure, motorcycle travel clubs might be the next big thing in your life. This guide will provide all the details on what to expect when you join these clubs and how they can amplify your riding experience.

What Are Motorcycle Travel Clubs?

Motorcycle travel clubs are organized groups of motorcycle riders with a shared passion for exploring the world on two wheels. These clubs typically organize social events, ride outs, and even national events, providing opportunities for riders to bond, share touring tips, and explore new destinations. The appeal of motorcycle clubs extends beyond the ride itself – it’s about the shared experience, the camaraderie, and the lifelong friends you make along the journey.

Types of Motorcycle Travel Clubs

Local Clubs

Local clubs are generally centered around specific cities, such as London, and cater to riders in those areas. They organize frequent ride-outs and social events, allowing members to meet and explore local destinations regularly.

National/International Clubs

National or international clubs are an excellent option for those interested in longer trips and a more extensive network of riders. They provide services that facilitate touring across countries or continents. Think expansive rides across Europe or the Americas, taking in all the sights and sounds.

Specialized Clubs

Specialized clubs cater to specific segments of riders, like women or riders of a certain age. There are also clubs based on particular types of motorcycles or riding styles. These clubs provide a more tailored riding experience for their members.

Benefits of Joining Motorcycle Travel Clubs

Joining a motorcycle club has numerous advantages, regardless of your age or level of riding experience.

Shared Adventure

The club atmosphere allows for shared experiences with like-minded people who are just as enthusiastic about motorcycles as you are. These shared adventures create a sense of community and belonging, making every trip an exciting social event.

Exploring New Routes

Motorcycle travel clubs are a great way to explore new places you might have yet to discover. From the back roads of the USA to the scenic routes of Europe, these clubs provide organized tours that take you to extraordinary destinations.

Safety and Support

Riding in a group provides an added layer of safety on the road. Fellow club members can provide mechanical support if needed, and the club network is a valuable resource for advice and assistance.

Exclusive Events and Discounts

Many clubs offer exclusive events for members, such as motorcycle shows, rallies, and social gatherings. They also often partner with motorcycle-related businesses, allowing members to enjoy discounts on gear, insurance, and other services.

Tips on Choosing the Right Motorcycle Travel Club

Selecting the right motorcycle travel club requires careful attention to your preferences and expectations.

Identify Your Preferences

Do you prefer long-distance trips or local rides? Are you interested in social activities beyond the rides? Your preferences matter and should guide your choice of club.

Do Your Research

Research is key in choosing the right club. Check out the club’s website, social media profiles, and any available member reviews. Pay special attention to the club’s ethos and rules to ensure they align with your expectations.

Attend a Meeting or Event

Before you commit, attending a club meeting or event is a good idea. This will allow you to meet members and get a feel for the club’s atmosphere.

Profiles of Top Motorcycle Travel Clubs

Below is a list of some of the top motorcycle travel clubs. While the clubs highlighted are based in different parts of the world, they all share a commitment to providing exceptional experiences for their members.

1. American Motorcycle Association (AMA)

The American Motorcycle Association (AMA), founded in 1924, has been at the forefront of preserving motorcycling’s future and promoting its lifestyle. Its members are as diverse as the routes they navigate. Still, all share a common destination: the liberating experience of being on two wheels. As the largest motorcycling organization worldwide, the AMA actively champions motorcyclists’ rights.

2. Horizons Unlimited

Horizons Unlimited is a global network and invaluable resource for motorcycle travelers worldwide. Founded by travelers, it provides comprehensive information, advice, and inspiration for two-wheeled adventurers. The active forums offer practical tips from seasoned riders. At the same time, events hosted worldwide provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. From route planning and visa advice to bike maintenance, Horizons Unlimited empowers riders to explore the world on their terms. Its mission is to inspire, inform, and connect the global community of bike adventurers, promoting the spirit of overland travel.

3. Women On Wheels

Women On Wheels® is an international organization dedicated to the empowerment and camaraderie of women motorcyclists. The organization breaks down barriers in the predominantly male motorcycling world, promoting unity among female riders. It offers education, encouragement, and events designed for the female rider’s experience. From beginners to experienced bikers, Women On Wheels® supports and celebrates women of all skill levels, fostering a global network of bike enthusiasts. Through group rides, meetups, and member support, Women On Wheels® truly encapsulates the spirit of sisterhood on the open road.

4. Motorcycle Touring Association (MTA)

Motorcycle Touring Association (MTA) is a community of passionate riders encouraging exploration and camaraderie through organized motorcycle tours. Emphasizing safe riding and the joy of discovery, MTA offers social events, road trips, and riding experiences for all skill levels. From local gatherings to long-distance journeys across diverse landscapes, MTA facilitates opportunities for like-minded people to share their love of motorcycling. The association nurtures a spirit of adventure, creating unforgettable experiences on two wheels while promoting responsible touring and vibrant motorcycle culture.

How to Join a Motorcycle Travel Club

Once you’ve found a club that interests you, the next step is to join. This typically involves completing an application and paying annual dues. Some clubs might have prerequisites for joining, such as owning a motorcycle of a specific type or having a certain level of riding experience.


Motorcycle travel clubs offer an incredible opportunity to share your passion for bikes with like-minded people, experience new places, and enhance your riding skills. By choosing the right club, you can ensure a fulfilling and exciting adventure on the open road.